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Honorary mayor of Tosterglope being 80!

Farmer and former long-time mayor of Tosterglope Hermann Saucke celebrated his 80th birthday on Wednesday, April 11th 2007. Herman Saucke was the mayor of the town of Tosterglope for more than 30 years, one of the longest terms this office has ever been held by a mayor in County Lüneburg.

After joining the district council in 1961 the agriculturist was elected mayor only three years later, in 1964; a change of generations took place. He represented the town of Tosterglope in the district council of the township Dahlenburg from its foundation in 1974. Finally, in 1996, Hermann Saucke decided not to run for re-election because of his age.

In his period of office many things were achieved: upgrading of village streets, street lighting, a new water supply and land consolidation. One of the first kindergartens in County Lüneburg was established in the old village school in 1966; it still exists today and is now also attended by children from nearby Nahrendorf. During local government reform in 1974 he ensured that Tosterglope remained independent by arranging the fusion with former town of Ventschau. He was re-elected many times and always worked in close cooperation with his vice-mayor Martin Heil from Ventschau. In 1996 he passed the town on free of debts to his successor.

Herman Saucke was always a central contact point for all the inhabitants of Tosterglope. He was the leader of the voter’s association of Tosterglope (which has no party political affiliations) to which most council members belonged.

In 1986, Hermann Saucke was awarded the Federal Award Medal (signed by the President of Germany) for his long-time – voluntary! – services to the community.

After leaving the council in 1996 he was awarded the special honorary title of „Mayor of Honor of Tosterglope“.

Hermann Saucke spends his retirement in his reserved property home together with his wife Margret. He has three children. Hermann junior now manages the farm. There are six grandchildren.

He still keeps busy helping on the farm, and he continues to be very interested in politics. Something quite new is that he gets information, for example for his trips, from the Internet.